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PV Project Engineer



Our team is seeking a PV Project Engineer with solid technical competence and a passion for renewable energies. The candidate will conduct on-site surveys to gather key information necessary for the preliminary design of industrial (B2B) installations. He/She will support the Project Manager and Sales Managers throughout the entire project lifecycle, from development to installation, overseeing the executive design delegated to suppliers.


Reports to




  • Conduct on-site surveys to collect essential data for the design of photovoltaic installations.
  • Support the team in the verification and validation of technical solutions related to installations and connection solutions, respecting existing constraints.
  • Conduct preliminary analysis for predicting the annual production of the plant.
  • Assist and support the Project Manager during the installation and operational management phases of projects.
  • Design layouts and single-line diagrams for photovoltaic installations.
  • Supervise executive design and ensure compliance with technical specifications from suppliers.
  • Manage connection activities on the website of relevant entities and supervise suppliers until the connection.

Health, Safety & Environmental

Qualification & Education



  • Degree in Electrical or Energy Engineering.
  • Experience in designing photovoltaic systems and knowledge of the approval and connection processes.
  • Proficiency in using AutoCAD and specific software for modeling photovoltaic systems (e.g., PVSyst, PVGis).
  • Supplier management and decision-support capabilities.
  • Knowledge of relevant regulations (e.g., CEI 82-25) and TICA.


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